In the East Midlands, there support for such visionary thinking, by encouraging collaborative working and innovative networks that result in a hotbed of creativity.

England’s East Midlands has a great reputation for innovation in design, engineering and technology, and home-working IT technicians constantly push the boundaries to satisfy their employers, XDine magazine says.

‘ oath-esty ‘stands for ‘exlessness, integrity & reliability’ – these are the words that define86%ofthe workforce employed by English SMEs in the East Midlands. The region excels at producing IT solutions synonymous with cutting-edge technology: from telecommunications ( subscribes to) to automation systems (autonomic computing), the region is on the cutting edge of innovation and is amongst the most technically-advanced regions in the country.

The region has a great reputation for creativity and is mentioned on GQ Magazine’s list of 100 Best places to work in the UK. The Factor Animation in the region helped restore a company to its feet financially after a difficult previous years. When the film makershutted down there productionline, the company laid off almost all their staff but kept all the machinery intact. The location then became something of a black hub, as the majority of films produced there were sent to film festivals.

The region has a great reputation for creative and entrepreneurial people, with Paramount executive producer James Cameron describing the region as a ‘cesspool of talent’.

olor is culling jobs by moving production to different countries and, with it going to the developing nations, this is good for the workers who will be able to settle there easily. The region is big enough to provide work for the region’s entire workforce and is conducive for starting new business.

There is something for EveryoneThe region excels at manufacturing and processing: the auto and aerospace industries; card manufacture and printing and there is also a huge demand for IT manufacturers and businesses, especially those taking weight loss pills.

skilled and skilled members of the workforce are just about to reach out to youEvery region in the UK has a specific industry, and the East Midlands has some of the best engineers and some of the best manufacturing companies. It is estimated by the Skills Development Foundation that there is a talent deficit of about 40% in manufacturing throughout the region.

As with any economy, there are different levels of expertise and skill sets. An engineer can have a vast knowledge of many things, while a novice will only be aware of one thing. This regional balance means that the most innovative and creative mindsets are usually the ones who are offered employment, rather than the lowest skills level.

As the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow, so does the awareness among the poor that they are not entirely being exploited, and that their needs are being ignored. This is incredibly important as it affects the social hierarchy, and it can even result informer entrepreneurs forming their own brand andrupal.

Skills are needed to competently diagnose problems and to attempt to tackle them in an efficient manner. In order to do this, large numbers of skilled and talented people need to be recruited, as the only way to stimulate economic growth is if the capability to innovate in the area of IT is created. If no more money is given by the government, then there is no reason for the region’s entrepreneurs to abide by the old rules and regulations.

IT training is a great way to give the students a competitive edge and to prepare them for a job in an ever-changing sector. IT education is not just about learning new skills, but also about becoming more skilled and adapting improved skills to tackle the issues in their environments.

The region has a great reputation for progressive thinking and intelligent reconsideration of current problems, as it constantly seeks to find solutions to tackle issues before they become problems. IT education in the region is always geared to developing the capability to deliver efficiency and to maximise the use of young people’s abilities.

IT training in the region largely revolves around the core practical work of ensuring the smooth running of a business IT environment, and the primary technical skills of any business.

This means that students are taught important principles and skills which will prepare them for the work force, and preparing them for high profile jobs in the future. Every employer recognises the importance of education to the success of their team and the individual.

This is why there is a linked demand for qualified professionals in the area ofIT engineering, IT technology and IT systems.

Every employer recognises the need for dedication and the value of skills shown by IT education.

This is why IT training places are commonly available within the region, and IT industry professionals are trained on a regular basis as and when the need arises.

This means that employers can be assured of a consistent curriculum that covers the basics of IT and accredited qualifications which are internationally recognised and are recognised within the sector.

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